D & B House Movers
Structural Movers



Moving a House, Garage, Pole building, Historical Building, Barn

We will prep your building to allow for temporary beams to be installed. Install beams, and raise building with our Sidewinder unified jacking system. Load your structure on to dollies, and move to your new location. We will work with your contractor or our company and install the foundation. We will set the building on it's new foundation. 

Install a Basement under existing House

Our company can  install a new basement under your existing house while you continue to live in the house. We will insert beams under your house, lift the house free of the foundation with our unified Sidewinder Jacking System. Excavate under the house keeping most all utilities hooked up. Install footers and block. Then it's ready to set the house back on it's new foundation. Set house down and remove temporary beams. Complete the backfill and pour a new floor.

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