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  1. House Moving
  2. House Raising
  3. FEMA Flood plane raising
  4. Basements installed under existing homes
  5. New foundations Installed
  6. Historical  structures moved
  7. Pole buildings moved
  8. Floor leveling
  9. Foundations and Basements repaired
  10. Barns moved
  11. Foundation Waterproofing



  Now raising homes in New Jersey

In conjunction with our friends at Marine Contractors. We are offering help with the devastation caused from hurricane Sandy.

We offer free estimates within the New Jersey area.

Please phone our associates  Joe or Gene



Shown in photo above, 1906 brick Queen Ann, moved from Cabela's in Dundee Michigan.

Right photo is of The 1930 Soy Bean Factory in Henry Ford's Green Field Village Dearborn Michigan. 2 story slab on grade

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