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Instructions for House Moving / Lifting for an E-Mail Estimate


  1. Print form located at the bottom of this page (print page 2)  and do the following;
  2. Fill out top part of Jobsheet (name, mailing address, contact info, etc.)
  3. Draw the exterior walls and note dimensions.
  4. Draw in accessories (decks, fireplaces, chimneys).
  5. Draw in lines to complete the different major sections of house (main house, addition, garage, sunroom, etc.)
  6. Note wood vs. concrete, decks and any porch roofs.
  7. Note obstacles and working room around the house (distance to back fence, side fence, neighbor’s house, garage, shed, large tree, etc.)
  8. Note any height difference in the finished floor of the house (lower garage, higher breakfast nook, lower den, etc.)
  9. Note floor joist direction in each different section.
  10. Note height of crawlspace / basement (floor to bottom of joists) in each different section.
  11. Please set camera to 5 mega-pixel or less for easier emailing
  12. Pictures all around the house showing entire house from each direction and also showing the working room around the house
  13. Pictures close up of fireplace bases, deck attaching to house, concrete porches and noticeable height differences of different sections of the house.
  14. Pictures of floor height differences inside the house.
  15. Pictures of any interior accessories (fireplaces, chimneys).
  16. Pictures overall of each crawlspace / basement including a close view where the floor joists meet the wall.
  17. Pictures of fireplace and chimney bases or any other permanent obstructions.
  18. Pictures of anything else that seems relevant.
  19. Scan Jobsheet into your computer OR take a good picture of it to send.
  20. Email Jobsheet and pictures to dbhousemovers@yahoo.comor mail to; 2010 Meanwell Rd, Dundee Mi. 48131
  21. Please include your name, address, & phone number in the email in case we need to contact you.















Name______________________________________________________                               Date______________________________

Company___________________________  Mobile (_____) _________-______________ Home (_____) ________-___________         

Address__________________________     Jobsite Address____________________________________

_________________________________                              _____________________________________

_________________________________         Email_____________________________________________



Structure                        Foundation (please circle)           Construction (please circle)                     Lift Up______________  Move To_______________

Size____________                       Block           Frame                                   Frame                  TIle                                                                                                         ______________________________

Stories__________                      Poured          Piers                                    Brick                    Log                                                        Notes________________________________________

Circa___________                       Brick             Slab                                     Stone                   Steel                                                                  _______________________________________________

Height__________                       Stone             Tile                                       Block                   Pole

Foundation Floor Type______________________               Height___________________      *   (734) 497-7956    *  D & B Contractors  2010 Meanwell, Dundee MI 48131  *