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common questions and answers

Is it worth moving a House?

The short answer, yes.

The Brick Victorian shown in the photo's was purchased for a dollar. Moved onto the site 2 miles from original site..utility line cost, land purchase, nine foot basement and renovation along with move cost is estimated to be $ 125,000.00. This home was recently appraised for $ 325,000.00. This may not be a typical cost, each house move will vary depending on area and home to be moved, along with cost of the move, utility, permits, and depending on what prospective clients have detailed.

How much will it cost to move a house ?

Again this varies. The average cost for the move starts at $10,000.00 for a small frame ranch to $25,000.00 for a brick house. The added costs for fireplaces, distance to the project, interruptions ( trees, small lot, shape of house, route, among others) overall size of the house, cutting the house if necessary, prep work , along with other obstacles which may arise.

What are line fees, permit, traffic lights, escort service ?

Line fees are the cost of removing power, phone, cable, street lights and such. These are the charges from each utility company, county permits, police escort, State of Michigan permit if required. We can not estimate the cost, each route/home will vary.


How much damage can I expect?

Although there will be some minor drywall cracking, there will not be any structual damage.

Once home is set onto new foundation drywall cracking may occur.

Can I put a basement under my existing house?

This is a very common service, we perform.

We will lift your house, shore, excavate beneath home and install your basement.

We are a Michigan Licensed Contractor.

What is a Daylight Basement?

A day light basement is the most economical way of doubleing your sqare footage, We raise your house and re-use the existing foundation. We add exterior and interior weepier tile, build wood walls, pour a concrete floor.

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